The Importance of Dressing the Menu Book

Oh, so you are about to run a restaurant and you wish for it to make an impact? It may sound too trivial a question but have you given a thought at what your menu book should look like? You see, you can’t just grab a paper, write down a list of stuff you sell, and hope you can get by with it. Unless you want people to think bad about your restaurant, you should put some efforts into making a menu book. Yes, it is easy to think that designing a stunning interior and creating a dish so delicious everyone drools just upon hearing its name are enough. But know that you can’t expect someone to believe that you are making a great meal when your menu book is, how to put this, close to being mistaken for a wipe.

So, yes, menu book’s appearance must be up there on your top priority. A menu book is how your guests will perceive your establishment, albeit perhaps a little indirectly. It is how the guests interact with you as the food maker. Put your restaurant’s insignia on the front cover and be proud of just how amazing such a little act can impact on you. Play on colors, match the design of the menu covers with the rest of the interior, and see how seamless it will look. Think of the menu book and its cover as a separate individual that, when pitch against the whole room, works as a single larger entity.

Oh, and just so you know, a cover for menu book does not only work to entice guests. It also plays a role in keeping the menu sheets from getting tarnished. A glass of wine tumbles and spills all over the place, just clean the menu book with a clean cloth. Again, this may seem too nitpicky but in the long run you will see that you shall not think about replacing the menu book any time sooner than what it should.