Considering Taco Catering? Seven Questions to Ask a Taco Caterer

Good planning means asking as many questions upfront as is prudent. Better that you know limitations in advance – and perhaps negotiate a better package.

Event planners, be it for corporate or family events, have much to think about: Who is coming, what is the event about, how can it be memorable or motivate attendees to do something?

In recent years, at least one question has gotten bigger: Where can we hold the event? In the past, that often had to do with the availability of an on-site kitchen.All good!

But even with tacos served from a mobile kitchen – most mobile taco caterers have several, such that an event serving a large crowd might have stations set up around the periphery – there are questions that should be asked beyond menu and price. Here is a short list:

1. What kinds of healthy taco choices do you provide?

Tacos can be a complete meal, one that features a good mix of protein, carbs and fiber, with lots of quality nutrients within. Be sure to accommodate gluten-free guests.

2. What can you tell me about the freshness of your ingredients?

Some caterers may work from frozen ingredients and others from a fresh produce market. It’s good to have some dialog about it.

3. What certifications does your company have?

Different towns and cities have different rules regarding taco caterers. Ask to make sure your caterers are in compliance with local laws and that they are licensed and insured.

4. Aside from the existing menu, can I add an ingredient or menu item?

What’s awesome about tacos is their versatility. If you want calamari or turkey tacos, ask!

5. What are the rules of bar service?

Many taco catering firms provide an optional margarita bar or other beverage service. Some lack the proper licensing to do so.

6. Where can I see feedback from past customers of your product and service?

You can consult with Yelp! or other review services, although everyone knows there can be misrepresentation in online reviews. You might be able to phone an actual previous customer to see if they were satisfied with the service.

7. What happens on the event day, from start to finish?

Map out how it happens – how early the caterers arrive, along with the margarita bar, which requires its own setup – when service begins and ends, and what happens in terms of clean up.

Event planners, professionals as well as private party hosts, should be able to enjoy an event once it’s underway. By asking all the important questions upfront, they have a much better chance of actually doing that.