Relaxation Beverages Recipe for You

Working all day long can be tiring and stressful. Being tired and stressful seems to be something inevitable in our life. Stress itself can be caused by the feel of tired we get from our own daily activity. Then, how is the best way to take to get rid all of our fatigue? One of the perfect ways to do is taking such relaxation by enjoying any recipe beverages which are able to help us to relax. If you wonder what kind of beverages that can help us to relax, Pandan Rose tea is certainly the one you need.

Pandan Rose tea is one of the fresh drinks which are able to help us calming down our mind when we get stress. To make this fresh drink, you should prepare some ingredients first including one tea bag of SariWangi, 200ml of water, 2 pieces of pandan leaves, 1 tbsp of Rose syrup (or you can also use ½ tsp of Rose Essence combined with 1 tbsp of sugar), 1 tbsp of sugar and 6 pieces of ice cube. After you prepare all of the ingredients, you can start with boiling the pandan leaves with 200ml of water to boil.

Next, let stand the pandan leaves boiled water for 5 minutes, then remove from the heat. After that, dip one tea bag of SariWangi into the pandan boiled water for approximately 2 minutes. Then, add rose syrup and sugar, and stir it evenly. And then, pour it into your serving glasses and add the ice cubes to complete your fresh drinks. Moreover, you can decorate the fresh drinks with sliced pandan leaves and your Pandan Rose tea is ready to be enjoyed. For additional information, a study has been shown that Pandan Rose tea is able to help you recovering your stress quickly.