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Importance Of Mulching

If you have a newly planted tree in your home it is very important to mulching it so that it can get the numerous advantages that mulching has apart from enhancing fast growth of the tree.

Mulching has thick layer protects the tree from harsh temperatures in that it does keep the soil cooler by stopping hot sun and wind from penetrating the soil of which it conserves the soil’s moisture and coolness. When mulching is done t a tree that is still growing the soil which supports the tree cannot have erosion because the mulch has a heavy layer that cannot be carried away either by heavy rains or strong winds which tends to cause soil erosion so the tree cannot lack support.

Mulching helps soil fertility in that it has materials that contain minerals and plant nutrients that are normally transferred from the mulch layer to the soil when the mulch is rained on that when it reaches the soil immediately it does improve the soil’s structure and all plants nutrients that were taken from the mulch layer improves the fertility of the soil. Mulching saves farmers labour and time because when they happen to apply mulch on their from before weeds starts to grow the farm will have less weeds and also the soil will be lose all the time so it will reduce the need of cultivation.

When you mulch your planted tomatoes or melons they will not be affected by any fungal or rot diseases because the mulch layer prevents the soil which might cause that fungal disease from getting into contact with the fruit or the leaves of the plant. Mulching helps in keeping weeds out from the plant hence preventing root competition of which it will it enables the plant to get all the nutrients it might needed to grow as fast as possible and it will grow being healthy and strong.

The soil is protected from evaporation when you apply mulching to plants this happens when mulching reduces water use up to 75%b hence making it hard for evaporation to occur making the soil to be safe from being damaged and also the plant that is supported by the soil. When you apply mulching either to a newly planted tree or to your garden it will get rich natural fertiliser that comes from warm castings which are encouraged to be in the soil by mulching hence making the plat to grow very fast as the soil will always be filled with fertilisers.

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