Ammonia Refrigeration Solution

Ammonia is considered to be the most efficient of the generally used refrigerants. It began several years ago when ammonia system used for refrigerant. It is beneficial and you can count on it. Today, we can find more than one company offers ammonia refrigerator and Aresco must be on the list. Since 1984, Aresco has been reputable and popular ammonia refrigeration equipment and system manufacturer which is located in Elkhorn, Nebraska. It offers multiple patents as well as innovative design of ammonia refrigeration for about 31 years.

Aresco offers the best in equipment, design, part and service for industry of ammonia refrigerator, as well as items for general industry. There are at least six patented inventions offered by the company. The first one is a patented refrigeration of ammonia system which cuts the amount of ammonia by 90{3a7bb111472f924167c45efa8230382e37a67b5920fb54a271f093654158342a} or more compared with traditional refrigeration systems. The second is a patented refrigeration of ammonia system which cuts the amount of ammonia in half.

Moreover, there is also a patented freezer and blast freezer design which reduces blast freezing times and it is significantly less costly to install. A patented ammonia condenser design which is able to remove the heat of compression coming from the booster compressors is also available. Next, there is also a patented ammonia purge connection which increases purge efficiency and a patented ammonia accumulator that is able to reduce ammonia inventory.

Well, it must be the ideal time to visit Aresco since it offers new refrigeration system of ammonia that reduces a plant’s ammonia charge by 92.5{3a7bb111472f924167c45efa8230382e37a67b5920fb54a271f093654158342a} over a traditional ammonia refrigerator system while it is eliminating any liquid ammonia in the engine or mains room. If you need further information about Aresco and its patented products, you can simply visit their official website and then contact them for sure.