How Technology Can Help Your Bar and Grill

Nowadays, technology plays a huge role in our lives. Some rely on technology to help them get through the day, while others revolve their lives around it so much they have a difficulty to function if it isn’t available. Because of this, more and more companies are working hard to make use of technology and make it work to their advantage.

As a bar and grill owner, you want to make sure your customers are getting the information they need. Not to mention, you need to look for ways you can improve your sales and grow your business. One way you can do this is to make use of technology and utilize it for your business. The best way you can achieve this is by using social media to help you with your business’ goals. In doing so, you’ll be able to hit two birds with one stone.

If you would like to look for ways you can make your bar and grill more successful, you can start by offering events people would not want to miss. Here’s a good idea: offer an event where you can setup a TV and bring in more people to your establishment. This way, you’ll drive in people and have them talk about it on social media. On the next night you are offering the event, you’ll be sure to bring in more people than you did originally.

If you’re considering doing this for your business, here are some tips on how you can make the most out of these events:

Stay updated

One of the most important tips you need to remember is to stay updated with the latest shows and events. If the Oscars are coming up, make sure to have an event where people can watch the Oscars from your bar and grill. Is it Super Bowl season? Then host a night for the finals and you’ll be drawing in all the biggest football fans to your establishment. Or is there a momentous event happening on a hit TV series? Don’t be shy! Tell all your customers to visit your establishment so they can watch with their friends and other fans. The important thing is for you, as the establishment owner, to stay updated with these types of events so you can make it work for your advantage.

Have the right equipment

Now that you’re aware of the important events, the next thing you need to do is to equip your bar and grill with the right tools. For one thing, you need to install a high-definition (HD) televsion and have it connected to a really good, reliable signal. You need to offer your customers something they don’t have at home, especially now that HD TVs are readily available and used. If you want to use these events for your advantage, you really have to invest on HD equipment and a good TV service package so your customers know what they are missing out on.

When you’re choosing a TV service package, opt for one with a flat monthly fee so you won’t have to worry about charging a monthly fee that’s based on seating occupancy.

Bundle it with Wi-Fi

There are TV service packages that offer a bundle with Wi-Fi connection. You can opt for these bundles or go for a separate Wi-Fi connection. The important thing is to not skip on offering Wi-Fi connection as your customers need Wi-Fi. Based on recent studies, restaurants with Wi-Fi connection are able to draw in more business because of this amenity. By offering Wi-Fi, your customers stay happy while they wait for their food, and it also encourages repeat business. For your part, you can get free marketing in exchange for the Wi-Fi connection your customers are enjoying. When you offer Wi-Fi, your customers are sure to tweet or post a status on social media about what they are doing and where it is happening. This will draw curiosity among their friends and they will be interested to come to your bar and grill the next time.

Remember internet security

Apart from just offering fast and reliable internet, you also have to make sure your connection remains secure. For your business, you need to separate the connection for your transactions and have a different connection for your customers. This is really important so you can secure your credit card payments, business email, and POS transactions. Otherwise, your customers’ information could be obtained by prying individuals who connect to your Wi-Fi.

By offering Wi-Fi connection and HDTV to your customers, you’ll be able to draw in the right people to your business. They’ll want to go to your bar and grill so they can enjoy internet connection and access to their favorite TV show or sporting event. This is the best way you can make use of technology to help your business grow.

Written by the staff at Willie’s Pub and Pool. Willie’s has great drink specials and is one of the best bars in Columbia MO.

Dinner party catering made easy with catering companies

Hosting a dinner party can be extremely stressful, and a large part of this will come down to being responsible for cooking delicious and beautifully presented food. This can all be alleviated with the help of a catering company, who can provide you with everything you need to impress your guests. This will allow you to sit back and enjoy the evening.

When it is your turn to host a dinner party, there will be feelings of stress and anxiety that start to develop. There is a lot of pressure on the host not only to entertain the guests but also to cook and serve a number of delicious and well-presented courses. Simply deciding on what to serve can be challenging enough as you have to cater to everybody’s needs, and you are then tasked with buying the ingredients and prepping and cooking on the big night. This can be stressful for anybody, but particularly if you do not have a huge amount of experience in cooking for more than 1 or 2 people. On top of this, you then have to consider entertaining the guests, drinks, music, laying the table and everything else that goes into a successful dinner party.

In addition to the stress that is involved in throwing a successful dinner party, it can also be difficult for the host to relax and enjoy themselves on the night. This is because they will spend a large time cooped away in the kitchen and preparing for the next meal, and this can all stop you from conversing and catching up with your guests. This is a shame, as the whole idea of a dinner party is to relax with friends or family and not have to go out for an expensive meal to do so. Fortunately, there is a very easy way to reduce this stress and ensure that you can spend the evening relaxing, and that is to use the services of a catering company.

Many catering companies are able to deliver everything you will need for a dinner party straight to your door in time for the event, and this is a great way to make sure that all the food you serve is delicious, beautifully presented and always cooked with the freshest ingredients. Dinner party catering can include a range of delicious meat dinners, fish dinners and vegetable dinners and this should help you to find the perfect meal which everyone will enjoy. In addition to this, many of these catering companies can also provide you with all kinds of fantastic starters, desserts and even a cheeseboard to finish the meal. They will be delivered to your door; so that all you have to do is warm them up and serve the food.

With the food being taken care of, it will enable you to take care of all the other aspects of the dinner party. It will also allow you to sit back, spend some quality time with your friends, enjoy yourself and also enjoy some fine food.

Tasty Chocolate Choice in Every Dessert

There are lots of things you can do in order to bring happiness. One of them is by getting chocolate for your treats. Chocolate is everyone’s favorite. This is a great choice for you if you want to present quality food by using chocolate for your needs. Therefore, you have to also know what you need when you are talking about chocolate dessert. This is because different chocolate product will give you different taste. So, make sure that you choose something that is suitable with your need. Here are some cheating sheet for you in choosing the chocolate.

You can also find other products like chocolate pearls and cocoa powder. Powdered chocolate is great for you who love chocolate milk drink. This is good and you will also get greatness for its taste. Then, you will also have good thing by having the chocolate that is especially made for baking. This kind of baking chocolate will be good for creating delicious cake. You can find good things related to the chocolate creations. With gourmet quality you will have them to be really delicious for your need of creating such a great of tasty dessert.

What do you need of a chocolate? Do you want to make chocolate a single treats? There you go with choices of dark chocolate. This is the purest chocolate that will give you best taste. The chocolate type will also affect in how you have the taste will be. Dark chocolate is also one of the most used chocolate product that can be used with many alternatives. In this case, you will also get the milk chocolate and white chocolate. Those chocolate can be great treats if you choose the products with dried fruits or nuts. With great quality, you will have them to be your best.

Hot Drinks for the Winter Months


postWinter is upon us and we are thirsty all the time. What do we drink on a cold winter’s day? Some drink coffee, some tea and then there are some who prefer hot chocolate, cocoa, Milo or hot custard.

It is indeed important to stock upon the right hot drinking products this winter. Many people prefer to drink tea on cold winter days, of which there are many varieties. As a wholesaler and retailer it’s important to stock up on all kinds of teas like Joko, Trinco, Five roses, Eleven o’clock, Glen and Fresh Pak. Some of these teas are available in rooibos and green tea flavours. All these teas come in packs of twenties, forties, eighties and hundreds. Some have tags and others are tagless tea bags. Some say it’s only the much older people that love to drink tea but that remains untrue. Most teas are preferred by all ages including Rooibos tea for babies.

Stocking up on coffee is also a very good idea; it too comes in different varieties and flavours. Some coffee granules are stronger in flavour than others. It’s just another nice hot drink item to stock up on for the cold winter months ahead. Coffee comes in small, medium and large tins and sometimes in refill packs. For the mild coffee lovers Frisco is a good option and for a stronger tasting coffee you can stock up on Ricoffy, FG Coffee and Trekker. Trekker coffee is very strong and not many people prefer it but it’s just good to stock up on it for the day when someone might look for it.

Not everybody loves tea or coffee because of its caffeine content. Some prefer a cup of hot cocoa, Milo, hot chocolate or even hot Moirs or Hinds custard. These wholesale products are usually available in tins or packets. The custard is not only used for baking but can also be consumed as a nightcap when it’s cold. Many people enjoy hot milk which can also be used to mix these drinks with. These items are normally bought in bulk by consumers who own bakeries or larger households because it is easy to make and tastes amazing.

Buying all these basic winter drinks products will boost your sales and more customers will visit your store. It is also important to taste all these hot drinks products to make sure that you know what you buy and can answer any questions that the customer may have. The warm drinks that you stock in your in your general retail store will keep your customers warm during these cold winter days.

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Shout it from the rooftops: creative engagement announcements

Telling the world that you are getting married is one of the most exciting things you will ever do, so you must ensure you do it right. Read on for some fabulous ideas for shouting your big news from the rooftops.


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Shoot your First Blockbuster

Film a short video and distribute it on social media. In fact, for those doing the proposing, you could even film that event and then send it out immediately after your significant other says yes. If a video seems a little long-winded for you, just make a GIF of the ring going on.

Go Viral with Photo Evidence

An engagement photo is a fairly traditional way of telling the world you are getting married, although traditionally it would have come as a save-the-date flyer. These days, people find out much earlier thanks to the instantaneous nature of social media.

Don’t waste this opportunity with a smartphone selfie, however. Before you tell anyone, hire a professional, whether it’s a Hampshire wedding photographer like Hampshire wedding photographer Lemontree or a photo specialist in London. Once you have your splendid pic, get it going viral on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Other traditional options include newspaper announcements a la Tom Daley and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Surprise Engagement Party

Organise an ad-hoc drinks night and make your announcement there. This option runs the risk of having a poor turnout, but if you hold it on a Friday or Saturday night, you’re bound to be able to gather most of your nearest and dearest. If you get engaged close to one of your birthdays, it is even easier. Organise birthday drinks in advance and then make it a double celebration by announcing your nuptials on the night. One huge benefit of this option is that it still leaves you free to do the viral photo or video option for the eyes of all those who didn’t attend.

However you do it, make it big. Social media has changed the way couples announce engagements these days and there’s so much room for creativity and originality, so you can make it a truly special announcement. Whether you do it face-to-face or via new web-based technology, just make sure you send that message nice and loud.

Meat Pies And Their Origin

The other day I had come back early from work and was in a fix on what I was going to write about. I asked my sister what she’d like to read. She said “Why don’t you write something about food, add in a few recipes or something”. It’s true I haven’t written anything about food in a long time, so I thought why not. But what do I write. I wasted one full hour thinking while also easing my way through a Large So Cheesy Pizza from Pizza Hut. After all, it is a crime think on an empty stomach. While I was about to finish the last slice, a thought struck me. The first or any kind of cooking venture, big or small I undertook was my amateur version of Gordon Ramsay’s Shepherd’s pie which left me chasing my tail (but that’s for another time). And so I decided I was going to write about those juicy, carnal, luscious meat pies that once had such an emotional and cognitive impact on me.

I did some digging and found out that these pies had an ancient origin and here I thought they were going to give the Nobel Prize to Gordon Ramsay for inventing those pies. I’m shamefaced at my naivety but everyone’s got to learn at some point. Anyways, the first pies, called ‘coffins’ or ‘coffyns’, were savoury meat pies where the crusts or pastry was tall and straight-sided with sealed-on floors and lids. Open-crust pastry (without tops or lids) was known as ‘traps’. These pies held assorted meats and sauce components and were baked more like a modern casserole with no pan (the crust itself was the pan, its pastry tough and inedible). The purpose of a pastry shell was mainly to serve as a storage container and serving vessel, and these are often too hard to actually eat. A small pie was known as a tartlet and a tart was a large, shallow open pie (this is still the definition in England). Since pastry was a staple ingredient in medieval menus, pastry making was taken for granted by the majority of early cookbooks and recipes are not usually included. It wasn’t until the 16th century that cookbooks with pastry ingredients began appearing. Historians believe this was because cookbooks started appearing for the general household and not just for professional cooks.

The origins of the pie can loosely be traced back to the ancient Egyptians. The bakers to the pharaohs incorporated nuts, honey and fruits in bread dough – a primitive form of pastry. Drawings of this can be found etched on the tomb walls of Ramses II, located in the Valley of the Kings. Historians believe that the Greeks actually originated pie pastry. Pies during this period were made using a flour-water paste wrapped around meat, which served to cook the meat and seal in the juices. The Romans, sampling the delicacy, carried home recipes (a prize of victory when they conquered Greece, hilarious). The delights of the pie spread throughout Europe, via the Roman roads, where every country adapted the recipes to their customs and foods.

There it is, the origin of meat pies. I thought I could elaborate more on the types of pies but I’ll do that in a follow up post.

3 Reasons Why Business Cards are a Good Idea

Business owners have a lot of responsibilities. Whether you are a team of one or one thousand, there is effort that must be put forth to ensure your company thrives. It may seem like a small, insignificant, but one of the many ways to help keep your business afloat and the money coming in is by investing in business cards.

Here’s why business cards are a good idea.


You may have an online presence, ads placed in magazine and newspapers and even a billboard on the busiest street in town, but when meeting someone in person, that may not help very much. When you are at a networking event, out to dinner with friends or just walking down the street, you never know what might happen. In these moments, you can use your business cards to market yourself and increase your clientele.


People often question how professional others are when they go to them for help. They want to know that they can trust you and that you know what you are doing, and a person with a business card can seem more legit than someone without. It shows you are prepared, ready for business and willing to put in the work to build your client base and make some money. Professionalism can go a long way, so it is important to ensure potential clients see you professional.


Call to Action

It is important that you have customer and clients if you want your business to be a success. When you hand someone a business card, it is a call to action. In some cases, they will are more likely to contact you and seek out your services if you hand them a business card. In some way, you get to establish a connection with the person, so they may feel a bit more compelled to actually do something once they have your contact information.

Some people may believe business cards are pointless, but they can actually help you and your business in a lot of different ways. Even if you aren’t sure they help, it wouldn’t hurt to visit Vistaprint and order some business cards.

How To Choose Proper Carts Supplier That Fits Both Food And Beverage Business

Fear not, All Star Carts get you covered as they provide you the solution when it comes to the space for you to run your food and/or beverage business. They cater their customers with distinctive carts to embrace all of its customers need. You simply need to identify what kind of business that you want to sell and what kind of cart that’s matched with your business. Let say that you want to build in cream business, rather than build a parlor by forcing your expense, it is way better if you look for ice cream carts.

Food and beverage always be an interesting business for anyone. As far as its owner know about top and bottom when it comes to managing a business, it won’t be that hassle to enter this industry. Even if they don’t have something like sophisticated knowledge about business management but know how to cook well and understand something basic, then it is enough. The only problem is looking for the right spot for your business. Not to say, but this venue related issue like renting a place for your certain business can be easily handled if you have extra cash for it, but how about it turns the opposite?

Rather than rent a space, cart, since this one is portable, you can easily reach your customers. Say that this is your first time in this business, using cart can be a good way to introduce your products to your potential customers. Or else if you already have a permanent space, but still want to in touch with customers, carts are good idea. You maybe considering about running beverage booth as your business, you can also find this one there. If want to reach your customers further, adding food and ice cream truck by All Star Carts seems good idea.

Why it is important to add bananas in daily diet?

Generally, banana is the first solid food that a baby haves in their life. From providing the body with a variety of nutrients to a quick snack during busy hours, banana has become an integral part of human lives. Every researcher and doctor prescribe having a banana every day. Available for harvest throughout the year, banana can be easily procured from the nearby supermarket any time.

Due to the ubiquitous availability throughout every continent, bananas is one of the common fruits for the people. But even they are easily available, there are many people who tend to avoid this fleshy fruit unaware of its varied benefits. But what are the health benefits of banana? When a person buys bananas from a credible and popular distributing chain, it gives them the best and nourished fruits providing the best benefits. 126 grams of banana serving or a medium sized banana have the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Dietary Fiber
  • Riboflavin
  • Manganese
  • Protein
  • Vitamin C
  • Potassium
  • Iron and
  • Vitamin A

According to the species of banana, the amount of these nutrients can vary. But every species of banana, these nutrients are found in substantial amounts making it an ideal food for every person. Having a banana at the breakfast or in any other time of the day will have profound benefits. A person who haves at least one banana every day shows better resistance to various diseases and illness with improved fitness.

  • A banana lowers the high blood pressure as it is rich in potassium which neutralizes the rising sodium in the blood. So, having a banana instead of a pack of chips is always a good choice.
  • Loaded with fiber, bananas help in digestion process. Eating bananas have mitigated the problem of constipation. For these people, eating bananas at the breakfast time would give the ideal results.
  • All the athletes around the world eat multiple bananas during their training session. The reason is it gives them energy and performance. They are helpful to strengthen the muscles and provide antioxidants to the body.
  • Bananas also have a positive effect on the performance of heart. The cardiovascular health of a person improves if they include a banana in their regular diet. The high fiber and essential nutrients reduces the risk of heart disease substantially.

These various benefits associated with this fleshy fruit make it one of the most popular part of regular diet. Around 96{3a7bb111472f924167c45efa8230382e37a67b5920fb54a271f093654158342a} of all Americans buy bananas at least once in a month. But they should include bananas in their regular diet more often than having it once a while.

These days, people has become very busy with their professional life giving them very limited time to have a healthy breakfast or lunch during the weekdays. In these situations a meal with the banana can give the body all the necessary nutrients with energy. It is such a fruit that can be eaten without any other complimentary dish. Having only bananas can give the body all the nutrients. People who do not like it can cook it or prepare it into other mouthwatering dishes too.

Author Bio

Joseph Alan Kikuchi works in one of the most prominent companies associated with distributing fruits. He has profound experience in distribution and sales of ripened fruits. Also a successful basketball coach, he advocates that every person should have bananas every day. Visit his blog on Blogger.


Cleaning Greasy Dishes Quickly and Seamlessly

Washing dishes is not something easy even though it is very simple thing that can be performed. There are some problems underlining this activity. First of all, it is a simple task that people are too lazy to think about it. The reason is because the dishes are dirty and they are too tricky to be cleaned. Here are some tips that can be utilized to improve experience in cleaning dishes. First of all, it is important to make sure the sink is not oily. The reason is because the dishes will be put there while cleaning. If the sink is oily, the oil will be transferred into the dishes, and they will get dirty again and again.

The next thing to concern is related to the order. It is highly recommended to proceed from the cleanest to dirtiest. The reason is simply to avoid the cleaner dished to be affected by dirtier dishes. It will make cleaning easier and faster. Glassware, for instance, is better to be prioritized since it is typically cleaner and simpler. The next powerful tip is to add heat in the water. Cleaning dishes with hot water is very effective because the oil will be separated easily from its agent. However, sometimes people do not recommend this procedure because it requires more energy from heater. It increases bill significantly in the end of the month.

Above all of those tips, there is another powerful recommendation that should be tried. It is basically replacing current soap if it is not powerful enough. There are some products that are super powerful to eliminate grease from dished. They can be sought out from some reviews of the products. Each country in the world actually has different brand related to dish cleaner. Selecting the most powerful one will be very beneficial. That is how to clean the fat quickly on dishes.