The Importance of Dressing the Menu Book

Oh, so you are about to run a restaurant and you wish for it to make an impact? It may sound too trivial a question but have you given a thought at what your menu book should look like? You see, you can’t just grab a paper, write down a list of stuff you sell, and hope you can get by with it. Unless you want people to think bad about your restaurant, you should put some efforts into making a menu book. Yes, it is easy to think that designing a stunning interior and creating a dish so delicious everyone drools just upon hearing its name are enough. But know that you can’t expect someone to believe that you are making a great meal when your menu book is, how to put this, close to being mistaken for a wipe.

So, yes, menu book’s appearance must be up there on your top priority. A menu book is how your guests will perceive your establishment, albeit perhaps a little indirectly. It is how the guests interact with you as the food maker. Put your restaurant’s insignia on the front cover and be proud of just how amazing such a little act can impact on you. Play on colors, match the design of the menu covers with the rest of the interior, and see how seamless it will look. Think of the menu book and its cover as a separate individual that, when pitch against the whole room, works as a single larger entity.

Oh, and just so you know, a cover for menu book does not only work to entice guests. It also plays a role in keeping the menu sheets from getting tarnished. A glass of wine tumbles and spills all over the place, just clean the menu book with a clean cloth. Again, this may seem too nitpicky but in the long run you will see that you shall not think about replacing the menu book any time sooner than what it should.

Gelatin Art for the Decoration in Your Living Room

Many people are looking for a lot of decorations to make sure that they can have the nice looking living room. If you are also looking for the best decoration for your living room, then you might want to consider getting the gelatin art for your living room. That is because this kind of art is considerably nice for your living room. Without having to think about the overall style that you want to apply for the living room, this kind of decoration can still be used.

For your consideration, there are still some other nice things that this art offers for your living room. One of them is the artistic design. You might have realized that the glass art is something nice and looked a little bit expensive in many cases and this kind of art is something that you can have to do that. Therefore, you might want to also buy this kind of art for your living room. However, one of the best is that you can get this kind of decoration for the considerably cheap price for your living room. Yes, this kind of artistic decoration is considerably cheap to buy so that you will not need to worry about the price. The cheapest price that you can get for this kind of artistic decoration starts from the average of 10 dollars. Should you miss the opportunity to get the nice looking decoration with only ten dollars price?

If you want to get this kind of decoration for your living room, then you can simply look at the decoration stores. They might have some nice looking gelatin arts that you can use for our living room. However, if you cannot find the one that you are looking for, then you might want to buy the artistic decorations online.

Which restaurant shall you pick for meeting your taste bud demands?


In present ties one of the hardest job is to perhaps find a restaurant which provides with the quality of food you would prefer. While there is a searing increase in the number of restaurants but it is only a matter of argument that which one is the best. Famed steak and chops restaurant owner Bob Sambol says that it is indeed tough to find a good restaurant nowadays but one should never give up hope. Instead one should focus more on the approach with which one will seek for a restaurant suited to one’s choice of food. The right approach can get an individual to choose a decent restaurant in no time. So here are a list of factors which one must check to choose a good restaurant for one’s culinary adventures:

  • The restaurant you choose should always be one which is owned and managed by a person who has years of experience in the field. And it is even better if the restaurant itself has been there for long. This makes sure that the food provided by them have decent quality. Also a restaurant which has years of experience under their hat is very likely to provide their customers with satisfying custom menus than the new sprung up eateries. This is as because when a restaurant has been out there for long then they gather valuable knowledge on the taste and preference of the customers in general.
  • Make sure to check through the reviews of a restaurant before you choose one. Not every restaurant has reviews over the internet. For the ones you don’t find, try to gather information about those from your family, friends, neighbors or acquaintances. And then go for the ones which are recommended by these people or also which has positive reviews with high ratings over the internet.
  • The quality of food matters the most when you decide to choose an eatery to satisfy your taste buds. Therefore make sure that the restaurant you choose is hygienic. And also take a walk through the restaurant and notice if you can find any signs which shows lack of hygiene. Normally a restaurant which abides by the hygiene measures also have a decent ambiance if not something grand.
  • Pricing is an important factor when you are on your quest to choose for a restaurant serving decent food. So make sure that the restaurant is not charging you too much for something too minimal even like a pack of french fries. In many restaurants, the tax is too much so you need to keep a lookout for these and then only you can decide which restaurant can serve your purpose.

According to Bob Sambol, a restaurant which abides by these following factors is often a good choice for a perfect family dinner or a friends hangout. As a matter of fact, when a restaurant serves excellent food then at times you may even fall in love with some edible which you didn’t even like earlier.



How to Make Seafood Fried Rice for Your Family

Many people in this world love fried rice; you might be one of them. If you love to eat fried rice, then you might want to know the seafood fried rice recipes and learn how to make fried rice with the extra seafood ingredients to your fried rice. As the beginning, you will need to prepare the rice for four. Make sure that you have let it cold for some hours to that the rice has lost its humidity. Besides that, you will also need the cooking oil, two eggs, some leeks, one big size of squid, some shrimps, and some basic seasonings such as salt, soy sauce, and also the flavoring that you usually used at the kitchen.

For the first step, you will need to warm up the cooking oil on the frying pan. After that, you can add a tablespoon of margarine if you want. After that, you will need to put the sliced shrimps and the squid. Fry them up a little bit until you smell it. After that, you can add the two eggs and the sliced leeks. You just need to scramble all of those things together until all are perfectly scrambled. If you have done that, you just need to put all of the rice for four, add some seasonings based on your personal taste, and everything is done.

If you have done all of those processes above, you just need to serve the fried rice that you have cooked to your family. With the great nutrient on the fried rice and also the tasty and fast-to-serve meals, you will surely be able to give something nice for the breakfast for the whole family. So, what do you think about cooking this kind of fried rice for your family for their breakfast in the morning?

NamanWakil – A foodie turning out to be a restaurant owner soon

How would you define a foodie or a food enthusiast? Is it a person who loves food and want to eat delicious foodstuff? No, a foodie or a food enthusiast is a person who does not only crave for new tae but also make efforts to bring new taste in terms of conceptualizing new recipes. A foodie can travel miles in the quest of real taste. Many people say that a foodie cannot be happy with the technology until he/she is able to download the food of his/her taste.

As the old sayings goes by, health is wealth, a foodie must know what to eat and what not. Naman Wakil is foodie who loves to discover new dishes and recipes. Therefore, if you are not dined well, you cannot sleep well, think well and love well. He loves to discover new cuisines and tastes. For him the love to food is the true love. Every time when food lovers see food approaching their table and take a first bite, they experience the true Nirvana.

Is there any defined set of role of a foodie?

When it comes to professionalism, a food enthusiast does not professionally taste the food rather he/she is passionately love the new taste and dishes. However, indeed they can turn their passion into profession by joining a team of chefs in any restaurant or establishing a new one. In case of NamanWakil, he is an ardent food lover who likes to travel and taste new cuisines of different cultures. Moreover, he emphasizes on dishes that provide a balanced diet keeping you healthy and fit without compromising the taste of dishes.

Planning to open a Mediterranean restaurant:

He has travelled to different places and indulge in various cultures but he truly loves Mediterranean diet. Therefore, he is planning to open his Mediterranean diet restaurant to give a new taste to the customers. What are the key features of Mediterranean diet? Usually, this diet is popularly known as the balanced diet. The key elements of this cuisine include protein-rich legumes, heart-healthy olive oil, whole grains and fish with moderate volume of red meat and wine.

Therefore, it is hard to ignore this cuisine because of its flavor rich and health benefits. The ingredients used in preparing the Mediterranean diet are less likely to cause obese, high cholesterol and blood pressure they. Expect the optimal health at the same time enjoying delicious food. Being a foodie, Naman Wakil knows how to discover a new recipe for the people.

Craving for food is different thing because when you only crave for a good taste, you can satiate it by going to any restaurant however a foodie loves to discover new dishes and new cuisines of different culture. His passion and love for food is encouraging him to open a restaurant where he can continue his passion for food. He knows that people love to experience new taste and new recipe, therefore he is travelling to many places to discover new cuisines of different cultures.

Boost Marketing with Creative Branding

In a sea of competition, it’s important to make your business stand out. You want your customers to remember exactly who had that great menu of choices and service. There are a few things you can do to remind them of how much they enjoyed visiting your establishment and gently nudge them to return, says Gelato Products, and this advice should help.

Maintaining consistency with brand colors is one way to make sure your customers remember who you are. Reinforce your colors with even the smallest details like colored plastic spoons. If your customers frequently see your brand color used in your restaurant, it may even encourage them to pay you a visit when they are out and about and see your brand colors elsewhere.

Humans are visual creatures. Make sure you’re placing your logo and tag lines on items that your customers will spend a lot of time with. Place your logo, or some interesting facts about your business on yogurt cups, for example. This is a great way to associate your business with your customers excellent experience.

Be sure to tell your story. Use packaging to tell your customers what your company is all about. Ice cream containers have a lot of valuable real estate. Of course, there is some required information you’ll have to place on the container, but there is plenty of room to share your story.

There are lots of opportunities to boost your marketing efforts with creative branding. Don’t overlook the small ways you can help your customer remember you.